Whacked My Knee

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 at 7:55 PM | Filed under ,

I jumped off of the treadmill yesterday and ran into the dining room, and somehow accidentally slammed my right knee into the edge of the surface of the table. So, if you noticed me limping around school today, it's because my knee hurts. I don't think it's broken; indeed, I think it's feeling much better now. Who knows, perhaps it'll be fully healed by tomorrow.

So, I've been watching The Weather Channel a bit recently. Looks like our decent weather is about to take a turn for the worse. The forecast predicts rain every day for the next week. That stinks. Hopefully, those more distant days' predictions are less accurate, but I could see in the clouds today that they're ready to rain all over us.

My next-door neighbors' black lab puppy, Mandy, has been getting into so much mischief lately! For some reason, her leash always gets let go, or she jumps over her little kennel, and runs into Harold's yard, which is on the other side of my house. Harold hates dogs in his yard, and I sometimes hear him yelling "GO! SHOO! GO, DOG!" through my bedroom window, even when it's shut. I'm fine with Mandy in our yard as long as she doesn't poop in our grass like all the neighbor dogs did all the time years ago.

Jesse, the youngest child, had Mandy on a leash, and was trying to teach her to "sit" and "come" when I walked out to get the mail, but Mandy wasn't listening to him. I had remembered something I had recently read, which said that unlike humans, who think of everybody as equals, dogs think of themselves in two categories: "leader" and "follower". I told Jesse that if he doesn't make Mandy think he's the leader, she won't obey him, and will instead think that she's the boss of him!


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