Blood All Over the Countertop

Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 5:08 PM | Filed under ,

So I was at the blood center today, signing one of the donors up for her next appointment, when she said, "Uh oh." I looked up to see that her bandage was leaking. Blood was dripping onto the counter and floor. In these cases, I'm not supposed to touch the blood; rather, I'm supposed to call a technician over. So Lisa told the donor to go lie back down so she and Wendy could put another bandage on her, then Lisa cleaned up the mess... I thought you might like to know what goes on at the blood center.

I tried cream soda for the first time today after buying it from Safeway. They're currently remodeling, moving all their merchandise and stuff. Mom's annoyed, saying that you shouldn't fix something if it isn't broken, but I think it'll work out to be okay. The produce department is now apparently in the middle of the store... I'm a little peeved that the pop and chips are currently on opposite ends of the store, but I hope they'll move them closer together. Hurry and go to the store now, go as far to the right of the store as possible. It's totally empty! Check it out!

Also, in case you haven't noticed, a Spirit Halloween store has opened next to the mall, not far from Red Robin. I went in to see if they had any Halloween music CDs, and I was really disappointed to discover that the store this year sucks compared to last year. Last year, there was a dark, moody atmosphere, Halloween music was playing, and you could hear all kinds of haunted sounds. This year, in the smaller store, there are mostly costumes (instead of decorations), and they hang from undecorated pegboard. Maybe they plan on furthering their decorations or selection as we get closer to Halloween, but I doubt it.


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