National History Fair

Friday, January 30, 2004 at 9:06 AM | Filed under

Last night, I went to one of Stephanie's school fair things. The National History Fair. It was okay. There were some really good posters. One of my favorite ones was Stephanie's poster about the history of computers, but I had to like that because she's my sister and I helped a little bit. I also liked the poster about the big Seattle fire (I've been on the underground tour) and the one about crime scene investigations. The girl was doing gel electrophoresis! That was a little interesting, but I've already done it before... yawn...

I think the funniest poster was the one that said "Pearl Harbor" on the top, and nothing underneath it. I mean, the poster was blank except for the title! When Kevin and I walked by it, the boy shouted to somebody else, "We're gonna fail!" It was a little funny to see a blank poster. Oh, and there was also a breast implant poster. There were signs that said "Adult Material. View at your own discretion," but Kevin and I walked to the poster the back way, so we didn't see the signs the first time. Later, there were a bunch of kids (especially boys) who were disgusted by the grotesque pictures, saying things like "Oh my gosh, I can't look at this," and everybody was screaming. Their reactions were funny. I think the most popular poster was the video games history because the boy brought a small TV, NES, and a PS2.

Dad was leaving, but Kevin, Mom, and I stayed to watch the performances in Room 4, the drama room. However, none of us knew where Room 4 was, so we had to go check the map near the entrance. When Kevin and I got to the drama room (Mom was lagging behind), there was a woman in front of the doors. We started to walk in, but she said, rather rudely, "The drama room is full." I snapped my fingers and said, "Darn!" Then, she said (again, rudely), "It's parents only." Well, fine. I didn't want to see the kids act anyway! They shouldn't have made the announcement if (1) they wouldn't have enough room, and (2) if their fellow students and students' siblings can't watch it. Instead, we watched the documentaries, which were nothing but PowerPoint Presentations, half of which had no narration or sound.

Not So Good Birthday

Monday, January 26, 2004 at 2:17 PM

So far, this has been one of my worst birthdays. First thing I did today, at about two in the morning, was run to the toilet to throw up. Maybe it was something I ate at the Old Country Buffet. Then, the power went out, so our alarms weren't set, so I didn't wake up until 7:10, so I had to wake everybody else up. I made it to school on time. Then I had a history final. That wasn't too bad, but the pre-calculus final was a pain. Lunch was good, and then there was drafting. Grandma and Grandpa said they're going to give me a card in a little bit!

Old Country Buffet

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Earlier today, at around 1 PM, my family met my grandparents at the Old Country Buffet for my birthday. It was very busy there, but Grandma and Grandpa got there first and had already gotten seats. Unfortunately, I didn't know what time we were leaving, and I ate something before we left, so I didn't have as large of an appetite as I should have had when we ate. I had chicken, macaroni and cheese, a roll, salad, and cheesecake, along with lots of other foods. I thought about having some ham, but I thought to myself that it might be a little dry, and I wouldn't eat it if it was dry, so I didn't get any. The roll was nice and garlicky.

When we got home, I got a cobalt-colored Game Boy Advance SP. I love it very much. I couldn't play my old Game Boy Advance anymore because I could never find the right lighting for it. I like the cobalt color.

Rude Alfy's Kid

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Oh! I forgot to tell what happened at Alfy's Pizza the other day. We were eating pizza on the main floor. It was good. Suddenly, I heard a voice that says, "Excuse me!" it was a boy running up the stairs from the arcade to the front desk. He said to the woman behind the desk, "The change machine downstairs isn't working could you change my money—" Then the cashier impatiently told the loud kid, "Excuse me, I'm on the phone!" She was. The kid was being rude. Not the woman. Except when she didn’t get us forks. I had to eat my salad with a spoon. And the eggs didn't taste very good on the salad. Stephanie kept eating vanilla pudding with her breadstick.


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Here's a funny something somebody wrote in English class when we had to write Analects, or something. I don't know this person, but it was displayed on the wall in the classroom. I think I'll keep him anonymous.
The courteous man answers not his cell phone in a public place, but in privacy. For while conversation, and communication are lofty goals, he must not barrage his neighbor's ears with overbearing and one-sided conversation.
Oh, here's an updated picture of the snowman. It's currently 11 days old. Wow. What an old snowman. I hope it lasts to be two weeks old! That's a lot longer than the small one Emily and I made at school.

Huge Snowman

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Okay, I got a picture of the huge snowman!

By the way, that's my cousin, Katrina, and my other cousin's dog, Chica. Isn't that cool?! The snowman was just a baby in these pictures.'s the snowman the following day:

We're starting trigonometry in precalculus class. Yippee. Right now, the stuff we're doing is easy, but soon we're going to have to do sines and cosines and tangents and stuff! I don't think I'm ready for all this!! This is gonna be crazy!


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BRRRR! It's so COLD out! It's SEVENTEEN degrees Fahrenheit outside right now! It better snow tonight—I want a longer vacation! I want to be able to watch Family Feud during the day!

On a different note, Nintendo sent me a free game disc containing several Zelda games. My cousin and I am playing this game called Majora's Mask. It's weird because you have to travel back in time to keep from dying. It's more complicated than that... I think I'll have to get the Zelda Windwaker game now. It has a Game Boy Advance hookup that is really cool. I kept hitting a pig with my sword, then it started killing me!

Happy New Year!

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We got to Bellingham easily yesterday evening. I was amazed to see a 15-foot snowman in their field. Wow!

We played Yahtzee! Jeannie won. Then, it was the new year. We went outside and exploded fireworks. Then, since there was snow, we thought it would be funny to explode snowmen. We dug holes in the snowmen and dropped lit fireworks inside. The most the fireworks did was light up the snow. But no, they didn't collapse. The fireworks did, however, leave icky black goop stuff on the snow. Ewwww... Daniel ended up tackling the snowmen to knock them over.

The Schwerdtfegers gave me Simpsons Jeopardy! yesterday for my Christmas present! It's fun. It comes with little clickers you use to buzz in. We were up till 3 A.M. playing that game.