First Snow of the Season!

Sunday, January 9, 2005 at 9:53 PM | Filed under

It doesn't snow much here, but, well, it finally snowed! The news channels had been taunting all us students for a week, but it finally snowed on Friday night. Well, we didn't miss school, but at least it snowed. Friday night, while my cousin Kevin was over, we noticed snow falling under the street light. We ran outside to play in the snow. Stephanie wouldn't join us because she's always talking to her friends online. There was only less than half an inch of snow, so the only practical thing we could do was make drawings in the snow. First, I made a hopscotch, then we played Hangman and Kevin wrote "oops" in the snow by shuffling his feet around. Just to be funny, I put a "P" before the "oops" and guess what it became. Thaaaat's right.

It snowed much more overnight today. We have probably two inches, which is actually quite a bit for this area. There were kids sledding down the steep hill in front of our cul-de-sac. Cars have to be careful not to hit any of the stupid kids that don't move out of the way. Kevin, Stephanie, my neighbors, and I had a snowball fight. This one guy, Zach, who I don't think lives around here, was a jerk. He pulled my hat off. Oh, then later, he rolled the snowman body over Stephanie's hat. I tried to help by pulling her hat out—I grabbed the little pom-pom ball sewn to the top of the hat, but instead of pulling the hat out, I just yanked the pom-pom off. How embarrassing.

That afternoon, Stephanie had a surprise party to go to, and Kevin and I had to take her to the Azteca in Mukilteo. While we were in the area, waiting to pick her up, we ate at Pizza hut, and shared a medium pizza. Then we went to RadioShack, and then RiteAid, where we saw a hilarious 4-foot singing, dancing Santa Claus. He was marked 75% off since the holiday season was over, bringing the price down to about $20. It was too funny—Kevin had to buy it. He plays several songs, and one funny thing is that you can plug the included microphone into it, and Santa's mouth will move along with your voice. It's fun.

Thunder Snow

Thursday, January 6, 2005 at 8:32 PM | Filed under ,

I've been watching The Weather Channel a bit recently. I like their description for the weather we might have here on Monday:

THUNDER SNOW! Yikes! And the low on Wednesday—watch out! Brrrr.

Everybody's been hoping that it snows soon. The weather reports have said for a week now that it's supposed to snow today and Friday. Nobody knows. I heard some people at school say that if it snows, and they don't call it a snow day, they still aren't going to go to school. (If it snows an inch but the road conditions are fine, we still go to school.)

I just heard on the Weather Channel that a winter storm watch has been issused for our area. But I bet it won't be as bad as it has been in Kansas. People literally have to break into their cars—they had to break the ice to open the doors.

Evil Masque

Monday, January 3, 2005 at 3:20 PM | Filed under

Here's a picture of a weird product I saw on the shelves in the bathroom:

Isn't it creepy how the mask causes flowers to grow out of your eyes? She obviously doesn't like wearing the mask, because she isn't smiling. The bright red color makes her look evil.

On a positive note, I hear it might snow later this week. I'm so excited! I don't want to jinx anything, but let's just say that "I have a snowball up my sleeve, and everybody'd better watch out". It would be so much fun to finally get a day off from school and throw snowballs at Alexandra—she and I have this thing with snowballs in the face during the winter. Let's hope for snow. Cross those fingers, people! Please!

On a negative note, it's been really really cold recently—it's been freezing! There is a frozen puddle in the middle of the cul-de-sac! It's too cold—I hate being cold. I wish it would warm up a little bit—the cold gives me headaches and it isn't comfortable at all. And I hate bundling up because I can't move as easily; I have to lug my coat, etc., with me everywhere. I really want warmer weather. The funny thing, however, is that in the summer time, everyone will be cursing the heat, begging for something colder.

On an even negativer note, I learned that I have to take an English final and a Calculus final...on my birthday. They always say "happy birthday", but I don't know... Last year, I had a History final and a Pre-Calculus final on my birthday. I never get to have a happy birthday anymore. I like having a birthday party, but I never get to have one at the park or anything because it would be too cold and people would get upset and leave because they were too cold. And I almost had to cancel a party once because of the snow—remember that, Megan?