Roller Skating and Plungers

Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 5:11 PM

Today I went roller-skating for the first time ever. It was Cory, Holly, and Katie's birthday party. It was fun. I found that I was able to get up standing on my feet really easily at first, but I was having trouble getting the movements down. Within about a half-hour of skating, I could skate relatively well. By the end of the four-hour party, I could skate without falling down a lot. I had some trouble on turning, though. Thanks to Katie, Cory, Emily, and anyone else who helped me learn how to skate.

My butt, back, and left palm hurt from falling while skating. I only fell a few times. The worst fall had to be when I tripped, and both my knees and my left hand hit hard into the ground. There was also a moment when Katie U. snuck up behind me, surprising me. I turned back in instinct, and completely losing my balance, landed right on my tushy!

After the party, Mom, Stephanie, and I stopped at a garage sale where everything was free. I got a composite cable for my Nintendos, and eighteen plungers, as well. You see, I thought it would be good to have plungers for cul-de-sac parties. For example, we could play a game in which we'd have to carry water balloons in plungers in a race, or something. If your balloon hits the ground and bursts, you lose! Ha ha! Actually, I only wanted to get ten plungers, and Mom told me that we didn't need that many plungers, but right after that, she got the rest of their plungers and put them into the car. Rest assured, the plungers were new.

Stupid Math WASL

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 at 2:29 PM | Filed under

Today felt like the longest day EVER! For the first block, we took the Math WASL in Ms. Carey's room. Overall, I think I did pretty well, except for one dumb question. It said to look at a stem-leaf plot and derive an answer to a question from the plot, but I had never seen or heard of a stem-leaf plot in my entire life! So I guessed. It made me upset that the WASL people didn't bother to describe how to use the chart. Oh well.

After we took the Math WASL in Ms. Carey's class, it was time for Ms. Carey's history class. Whoo-hoo, we got to sit in the same room for three or so hours. What a drain. It also made fifth period seem extra long.