Ms. Gengo

Tuesday, February 24, 2004 at 3:14 PM | Filed under

Today was a rather chaotic day.

In English, we had a substitute teacher. I couldn't remember her name, even if it were a life and death situation! Oh well. We watched the video of the first act of Julius Caesar. Wow. Wow. "Beware the ides of March!" LOL.

Then, in pre-calculus, our new teacher began teaching today. Mr. Youngren had heart surgery yesterday, so he has to rest for a month. The new teacher's name is Ms. Gengo (pronounced like Jenga). She's nice. She took the time to slowly explain the concept so that we would understand it. Fortunately, I understand the graphs of trigonomic funcions like sines, cosines, tangents, secants, cosecants, and cotangents. Yay!

Biology was extremely boring today, for some reason, which is odd. I love biology class.

Super Millionaire!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 10:50 AM | Filed under

Super Millionaire begins tonight! Contestants will be playing for TEN MILLION DOLLARS! That sounds exciting! I can't wait to see that. There is supposed to be new sound effects/lifelines, so that sounds good. However, since contestants go down to $100,000 if they miss a question above that level (instead of the normal $32,000), I doubt very many contestants are going to try for $10,000,000 unless they are very greedy. I hope their contestants are very greedy. They also brought back the Fastest Finger question! That's my favorite part, so yay.

Garfield Club

Tuesday, February 10, 2004 at 8:35 PM | Filed under ,

I learned the Garfield Club Song. It's sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

Eat, eat, eat and sleep,
Kick a dog or two.
Snack attack or nap attack,
What's a cat to do? (Hey!)

Well, that's the official Garfield Fan Club Song. Oh, and here's the secret handshake:

Touch right hands with scratching gesture while making a hissing sound.

At lunch, I got my Matchmaker results. Apparently, I should like Samantha Hart the most... Hmm... It also said that I'm "Active, Dramatic, Confident." It says the girl I am least compatible with is Lisa Skipton, a senior. I don't know who she is, so I guess I hate her. At the bottom of the results says, "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! LOVE, AUDREY AND JOE!" Who are Audrey and Joe? This is too confusing.

Cheaper By the Dozen

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Today, we went to the GOOD theater in Alderwood to watch Cheaper by the Dozen. What an annoying movie. C+ It has NOTHING to do with the book. What a nice theater. We should go there more often, except the woman sitting behind me kept kicking my chair, and the kid in front of me kept distracting me because he was balancing a cup on his head.

GREAT NEWS! At the theater, I learned there's going to be a GARFIELD MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's scheduled for June 25 (I think June 19 is more appropriate, but whatever).

Well, I went online and had Dad order me a Headphone Adapter for my Game Boy Advance SP. I think it's stupid that it doesn't come with a headphone jack built in. While I was at their website, I remembered that my Nintendo Power subscription needed to be renewed, so I also had Dad renew my subscription online. As a gift, I'm getting a Mario and Luigi t-shirt! I'm so excited (because I love that game, so I guess I'll love wearing the shirt).

The Perfect Score

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So, this afternoon, we went to the Grand Cinemas to watch The Perfect Score. It was an okay movie, but it was too slowly paced. The movie was slower than a slug crawling across a salty table. Other than the slow pace, it was thrilling. B+ I wanted to see Cheaper by the Dozen, but that theater wasn't showing it, so yeah, The Perfect Score. Oh, yeah, my sister's friend from elementary school came along too.

Then, we went to California Burger, a 50's-style restaurant. It was a really good restaurant except for the long wait and the neon lights. I ordered a baconburger. Actually, I don't remember the real name of the burger I ordered, but it was good. The chair I sat on hurt my butt, but at least it was spinny! Afterward, we did not go to Lamps Plus.

Battle of the Sexes Assembly

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Today, in English, Mrs. MacWilliams gave us a quiz (she gave us warning in advance) about the characters in Julius Caesar. However, all of the names are alike, so most of the class ended up failing. I barely got a D minus on that test. A few people did better, and many people got less. I also learned, before that class, that a fight had taken place during first period (I have English second), and there were speckles of blood on my desk. I'm just curious as to what exactly happened.

Today was the Battle of the Sexes Assembly. It was also a sports recognition assembly, and that was boring, as usual. The girls were winning by the end of the assembly, but a winner won't be declared until tonight's game, so I probably won't know until Monday. The girls kept cheating! When we were playing garbage can curling, they ran up and pushed the garbage can off of the target! That's cheating! The game probably would have been a tie if they played it correctly, having the teams take turns going first. The girls always had the advantage of going second. We had no chance of winning the loudness contest. I liked the horse mascot. What a cute costume.