The Perfect Score

Friday, February 6, 2004 at 10:31 PM | Filed under ,

So, this afternoon, we went to the Grand Cinemas to watch The Perfect Score. It was an okay movie, but it was too slowly paced. The movie was slower than a slug crawling across a salty table. Other than the slow pace, it was thrilling. B+ I wanted to see Cheaper by the Dozen, but that theater wasn't showing it, so yeah, The Perfect Score. Oh, yeah, my sister's friend from elementary school came along too.

Then, we went to California Burger, a 50's-style restaurant. It was a really good restaurant except for the long wait and the neon lights. I ordered a baconburger. Actually, I don't remember the real name of the burger I ordered, but it was good. The chair I sat on hurt my butt, but at least it was spinny! Afterward, we did not go to Lamps Plus.


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