Battle of the Sexes Assembly

Friday, February 6, 2004 at 3:04 PM | Filed under

Today, in English, Mrs. MacWilliams gave us a quiz (she gave us warning in advance) about the characters in Julius Caesar. However, all of the names are alike, so most of the class ended up failing. I barely got a D minus on that test. A few people did better, and many people got less. I also learned, before that class, that a fight had taken place during first period (I have English second), and there were speckles of blood on my desk. I'm just curious as to what exactly happened.

Today was the Battle of the Sexes Assembly. It was also a sports recognition assembly, and that was boring, as usual. The girls were winning by the end of the assembly, but a winner won't be declared until tonight's game, so I probably won't know until Monday. The girls kept cheating! When we were playing garbage can curling, they ran up and pushed the garbage can off of the target! That's cheating! The game probably would have been a tie if they played it correctly, having the teams take turns going first. The girls always had the advantage of going second. We had no chance of winning the loudness contest. I liked the horse mascot. What a cute costume.


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