Mid-Winter Break Is Boring

Friday, February 25, 2005 at 10:53 PM | Filed under

Not much has happened during Mid-Winter Break. It's practically a waste of free time. However, the weather has been bearable.

On Wednesday, Stephanie and I invited Kevin over to have a Mario Party party. We decided we were going to play for 30 turns on Faire Square. Some people would say that's a lot of turns, but I've played 50-turn games several times—35 turns is called a standard game... But the party was based on this game, so it wouldn't make sense to have it end after only an hour and a half.

We played ten turns, which takes about 40 minutes, then Stephanie decided that since it was so sunny, she wanted to go play tennis (on my grandparents' badminton court, which is too small to play tennis on). So she called my grandparents to ask if it was okay to play on their court, but they weren't home, so we decided to go to the park instead. I thought we were going to go to Meadowdale Neighborhood Park, but Stephanie wanted to go to Wilcox Park instead. I was looking forward to swinging, but a bunch of selfish little kids refused to let us use the swings in the main playground, so we left to go to the smaller, older playground on the other side of the park. We ran crazily through the forest, with me yelling "I know the way, follow me!" but when we got to where I thought the playground was, Stephanie and I stood there staring at the empty field, then looking at each other. The second playground was gone! No longer there! Disappointed, we all returned to the playground and played on the see-saw for a while.

When we got back, Mom and Dad were home. Stephanie started talking to her friends online, and this made me angry because we were waiting on her to finish our Mario Party game. After she finally finished what she was doing, we played our game. The interesting thing about Faire Square is that you can buy up to 5 stars at once, and the prices change between day and night. The game ended anti-climatically when Twila wanted 40 coins for every star. Yikes, that's a lot.

Then on Thursday, Stephanie and I decided we had so much fun with Mario Party that we decided to have another Mario Party party. We invited Kevin over, but then Stephanie decided she didn't want to play. But we had already invited Kevin over... Stephanie ended up getting sick, so she watched Survivor with Mom and Dad while Kevin and I played a 10-turn game in E. Gadd's Garage. We played together on a team, and would have lost if it weren't for the end-of-game bonuses.