Fat Cat

Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 12:00 PM | Filed under

This is part of a conversation that I had yesterday.

Me: "I saw a fat cat at Petco the other day."
Jesse: "Was it huge?"
Me: "Huge."
Jesse: "Did it blow up?"
Me: "Cats don't blow up."
Alyssa: "Yeah, our hamsters blew up."

Red, White, and Hullabaloo Blast

Saturday, July 5, 2003 at 12:00 PM | Filed under

We had a happy 4th of July yesterday at my cousin's house. We usually never get to go to my cousin's house (2-hour drive) for Independence Day because Mom and Dad always have work on July 5th, but they decided that if we leave really late, after the fireworks, we could get home with enough time for them to sleep and be ready to go to work in the morning. Many friends and relatives of mine were at the party: The Red, White, and Hullabaloo Blast.

One firework fell over in the middle of firing. It pointed to the larger audience (the larger group was seated around the bonfire; I was in the smaller one where it was easier to see the fireworks even though it was colder) and shot a firework in their direction. It didn't hit anybody, but it did hit a car. It was a good thing that the car didn't burn up and explode. The overturned firework then continued to shoot fireworks in different directions. Nobody got hurt.

I think I got most of the accident on my cousin's camcorder, but I was pointing the camera up, expecting to see the fireworks up there. That was when it was light enough for the camera to focus. After it got too dark, the camera wouldn't focus, and the fireworks were only blurry circles. People didn't like the bright light, so I soon stopped recording. If you haven't guessed, I really like working with cameras and camcorders.