Cheaper By the Dozen

Saturday, February 7, 2004 at 11:27 PM | Filed under , ,

Today, we went to the GOOD theater in Alderwood to watch Cheaper by the Dozen. What an annoying movie. C+ It has NOTHING to do with the book. What a nice theater. We should go there more often, except the woman sitting behind me kept kicking my chair, and the kid in front of me kept distracting me because he was balancing a cup on his head.

GREAT NEWS! At the theater, I learned there's going to be a GARFIELD MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's scheduled for June 25 (I think June 19 is more appropriate, but whatever).

Well, I went online and had Dad order me a Headphone Adapter for my Game Boy Advance SP. I think it's stupid that it doesn't come with a headphone jack built in. While I was at their website, I remembered that my Nintendo Power subscription needed to be renewed, so I also had Dad renew my subscription online. As a gift, I'm getting a Mario and Luigi t-shirt! I'm so excited (because I love that game, so I guess I'll love wearing the shirt).


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