Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2004 at 1:23 PM | Filed under ,

We got to Bellingham easily yesterday evening. I was amazed to see a 15-foot snowman in their field. Wow!

We played Yahtzee! Jeannie won. Then, it was the new year. We went outside and exploded fireworks. Then, since there was snow, we thought it would be funny to explode snowmen. We dug holes in the snowmen and dropped lit fireworks inside. The most the fireworks did was light up the snow. But no, they didn't collapse. The fireworks did, however, leave icky black goop stuff on the snow. Ewwww... Daniel ended up tackling the snowmen to knock them over.

The Schwerdtfegers gave me Simpsons Jeopardy! yesterday for my Christmas present! It's fun. It comes with little clickers you use to buzz in. We were up till 3 A.M. playing that game.


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