Chevy's Poker

Friday, September 23, 2005 at 8:59 PM | Filed under ,

My sister went to music camp today, and my mom went with her, so they aren't here. Before they left, Mom gave me a coupon for Chevy's, and told me that Dad and I could go to Chevy's for dinner. "Okay, probably." Then, a few hours later, my cousin Kevin IM'd me and said that he wanted to treat Dad and me to dinner, coincidentally at Chevy's. I told him he could use our coupon, and so we went to Chevy's tonight.

Now, this wasn't any ordinary coupon. This was a Mexican Poker coupon. The idea was that the coupon came with two tiny pictures of cards. We could take these cards to Chevy's, and compare them with three other cards posted there to make up our poker hand. Our hand determined the type of discount we would get.

The cards we had were the six of diamonds and the ace of hearts. Kevin pointed out to me before we left that we already automatically had the Ace High, so we knew we couldn't lose. Then we arrived at Chevy's and eagerly ran to the poster to see what the other three cards of the hand were. And one of the other cards was an ace! This means that everybody won at least the Ace High. But we had a Pair. That was worth $5 off!

I ordered a steak quesadilla, but they brought so many chips with so much salsa before my quesadilla arrived that I got full mostly on delicious chips and couldn't finish my quesadilla. Then, after the meal, the waiter seemed disappointed that we didn't want dessert. If they didn't fill us on chips, maybe we'd order dessert.

I guess the moral of the story is this: You can't eat both chips and dessert.


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