Freshman Class Name

Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 6:23 PM | Filed under

Every year, the seniors at my school get to choose the name for the incoming freshmen. Well, this year, it was finally our turn to nominate and vote on names for the freshmen!

I hope that "O Six" or "'06" doesn't win. That would be annoying and besides, it's a weak name. Not very clever at all. And they're the class of '09, anyway. We're Oh Six—it's what we yell at assemblies! If this wins, then once we're off to college, they'll be stuck with this weird number that doesn't relate to anyone. I also hope that the class isn't named the "Heinemans" or the "Goldburgs" (both named after students at school) because I've never heard of those people anyway and what honor do they deserve??!?

There was one name on the ballot which I thought would be pretty funny to give to the freshmen. I don't remember it, but I'll try to write it. "Meegle Oogle Boogle Roogle Leegle Teegle". Ah well, it was something like that. It would be so great for them to have to remember their class name, and for the administrators to say "Would the 'Roogie Noogle Poogle Foogle Boogie Woogie' class please head to the auditorium?"

My senior class name is the "Squirts". The juniors are the "Squealers", and the sophomores are "Goat Cheese". Oh, you know what? Another name nominated for the freshmen was "Goat Cheese II". There's no merit in the name and I certainly hope it doesn't win.


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