School Still Empty

Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 2:39 PM | Filed under

Since the girls' basketball team lost yesterday, they played a consolation match today, and once again, most of the student body was gone to see it.

I walked into Chemistry class this morning, and instead of seeing a classroom full of people leaving from Tutorial, there were only a few people. Weird, I thought. In all, only 7 out of 30ish people were in Chemistry today. It was nice and quiet. Except for when Hailey, Brian, and I talked briefly to each other, it was the quietest the class had ever been. Mr. Singh didn't lecture or anything today—what can you do when most of your class is absent? He just gave us free time. First, I worked on stories for my Creative Writing class, then I read my book for a while, then I fiddled with my calculator. It felt like a long class.

Then was History. Again, only about a third of the class was there. The figure I guessed was about two-thirds of the school went to that game. The rest of us had to work on our history project. Most of the people didn't have their partners for the project, but fortunately, my partner was there. We went to the library to do working. We got to use the computers! The printer only printed in black and white. I mean, it only printed in black (there's no white ink—the paper's already white anyway).

Right before lunch, they announced the results of the girls' basketball game. Awww, the "Lady Mavs" lost! Again! So now they're out of the tournament. And too bad, too. They lost the first game too.

The weather is getting nicer and nicer. We actually ate lunch outside today. I hope it'll get warmer before it gets colder.

Then after History, we had Creative Writing! Ms. Shaw had us push all the tables together into one big table so it seemed like we were at private school (there were only 12 of us). We talked about poems based off of the blackbird poem briefly, then left us to ourselves to work on our portfolios. Dinah seemed to like my Stones poem. Then, R.C. (doesn't stand for remote-controlled) was showing us a website on the screen. Then, somebody else popped up a website of something funny. Then, I thought I'd pop up my website for everyone to enjoy. Ms. Shaw really seemed to like my "How to Write an F Paper" essay, especially about the part about microwaving the paper, and she was surprised when I told her that I wrote that. She asked R.C., who was holding the mouse, to bookmark my website! So now I have to stop talking bad about my teachers in case she finds this blog through the Links in my website.

It's officially spring now—I can hear the ice cream truck outside! It's playing Yankee Doodle.


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