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Wednesday, March 9, 2005 at 6:45 PM | Filed under ,

The school was nearly empty today.

The girls' basketball team went to state competitions far, far away, and most of the student body went with them, just to watch. So everybody else stayed at school. I was one of those people.

Right before English class, everybody boarded the rooter buses. So English class, typically, was pretty empty. There were only like 10 out of 30 or so people in class. However, Ms. Hudemann refused to let this ruin her class. We continued watching The Great Gatzby, and the rest of the class will just have to rent the movie if they want to catch up.

ASL was a lot more fun. There were only like 7 out of 26-ish people there. Most of us were over on the same side of the classroom, so it was cool to have the other side of the class practically empty. First we had a practice test, and I did pretty well (except I wrote down 25 when she signed 15). Ms. Brinkley had nothing else planned—we could choose to watch a movie or read for over an hour, and knowing the movies she chooses, we chose to read. However, it didn't take long for us to stop reading and just start doing other stuff. I played dots 'n' curves on the board with Rachel, Alex, and Steve.

Lunch was pretty normal, but Calculus was way off! Out of our class of 18-ish, there were only 5 of us, excluding Conner, who was taking a test outside of the classroom. We watched a video about integrals that Mr. Worster thought would be fun to watch, but it really wasn't very good—he wanted to test it on us to see how fun it was, I guess. It wasn't. I waved the tissue in the air like a surrender flag, and he laughed at that and stopped the movie. Then we went over the test. I didn't do too well on it... I asked about one problem and I entered the equation incorrectly into my calculator but Mr. Worster reawarded me with those points because it was a strange mistake involving the way the calculator handles complicated exponents, but I got the math totally correct.

The girls' basketball team lost today—that means that they play tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. Which means that I bet a bunch of the school will go to that game too. If the "Lady Mavs" had won, they would have played tomorrow at 3:30 PM, and students would not be able to miss school tomorrow. I bet a lot of people are happy that they lost the game.


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