Class Elections

Wednesday, March 2, 2005 at 6:47 PM | Filed under

ASB elections were today. One of the candidates for Vice President took off his shirt and pants to reveal a white tanktop with something illegibly written on it, and a pair of hot pink short shorts. His point was that he would do anything for our school. Weird. I voted for Leah, who had chosen to sing a song she had written. Nathan was running unopposed for President, so he just wasted the time for his speech, making up a song along the lines of the Oscar Meyer song, "My baloney has a first name...".

Later right before Calculus, I asked Audrey, who is the current ASB president, if the elections were rigged. I was joking. She gasped, and said, "No!" Then, right before class ended, they announced the winners. Then school was dismissed. As we all walked down the stairs, I asked Audrey if she already knew who the winners were before the election. "Yeah, we counted them during third period—oh, before the election? No, I didn't know. The election wasn't rigged, Brandon."

Oh, something else that happened in Calculus. Since the candidates gave their speeches today, the bell schedule was rearranged. Usually when this happens, the bells don't ring for some reason. Before Calculus, Mr. Worster asked if the bell had rung. It was late to ring. He said something about the bells always being late, then I said that "it was a good thing the bell rang, or else we'd all be in perpetual passing time". That comment was a big hit. Then Mr. Worster suddenly starting talking about those drugs like Viagra, and how the commercials warn you about erections lasting over 24 hours and how weird those commercials were.


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