We Got a Pink Car!

Saturday, July 17, 2004 at 10:21 AM | Filed under ,

Karen left this morning. We never left to see Anchorman this week. However, Stephanie, Karen, and I played a lot of Life. You know, The Game of Life? We found a new pink car at the local Value Village, on Wednesday, that goes with the game. Stephanie and I were happy because our Life game doesn't have a pink car. Now Stephanie I think will always use the pink car. It's funny because both Mom and Karen want the red car. Kevin never cares what color he uses, so he usually gets whatever's left over.

Yesterday, Kevin came over, and he, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Karen, and I went to the Tasters Wok (I don't like Asian food, so I wasn't happy), but there were too many cars in the parking lot, so we sat, in two cars in the parking lot, trying to decide where to go next. We decided on Ivars. Yum. I got fish and chips, and for dessert, I got some kind of chocolate pie. It was pretty good.

Then, Stephanie wanted to go ice skating with her friends. Stephanie and Kevin convinced me to go with them, so I got in the Jeep with them. However, we had to stop home anyway, and Karen decided to go with us. But she didn't want to skate. Neither did Mom. I can't blame them—I didn't skate either. Karen and I played dots. When Aunt Carla and her daughter Shelly arrived, Karen, Carla, and I played Upwords. I did quite well, getting more points than Karen, but fewer than Carla. But they're both pretty good, so I wasn't expecting to win or anything.

A show I've started watching that is pretty funny is on CBC, the Canadian channel. It comes on at 5:30, and is called Just For Laughs: Gags. It's a hidden camera show, but it's much better for several reasons. I like that there's no talking to distract from the show. For example, on Candid Camera, the host is always talking, and it takes away from the funniness. The gags on this show are more visually oriented, and they run much quicker. They manage to fit about 12 of these gags into a half-hour show, which is much better than Candid Camera's six in one hour.


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