The Nice Beach

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at 10:30 AM

Let's see... I've been “camping” since Sunday. Really, we’re in my aunt’s backyard.

On Sunday, not too much happened. First, Kevin, Stephanie, Ryan, Daniel, Dad, and I had a water gun fight. My shield was useful, but unfortunately, I frequently run out of water. Then, we went into Kevin's old playhouse, and looked at some toys and stuff, some of which is older than me. We also played tetherball and air hockey. We used Daniel's projector to play Atari and Nintendo on the pole building. It's fun playing Super Mario Bros. 3 twenty feet high.

Monday morning, Daniel, Kevin, and I hooked up Game Boy Advances and played Mario Bros. Later that afternoon, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Daniel, Dick, Kevin, and I went to Larrabee to hike down to the beach, but we took another trail instead once we realized that we passed the parking lot. It was a nice trail. It even crossed over the railroad. The beach wasn't much...more like rocks along the shore. Sandstone.

Wise Old Man told us there was another trail to a nice, sandy beach if we followed the train tracks for half of a mile. While we were travelling along that track, a train came from ahead of us. Dick, Dad, and Kevin were ahead of us, saw it first, and yelled back for the rest of us to jump away from the track. Daniel and I did. However, Mom and Stephanie were far behind, and almost didn't hear us. They jumped off the track with maybe ten seconds to spare. (Mom was beginning to regret going with us, wishing she had gone with Karen and Carla to Costco instead.) After all that, there was a nice beach. Shelly joined us then. We saw lizards! Shelly and I searched for geckos so that I could record them with my camcorder. Dad dropped his cell phone into the Puget Sound. That night, we watched a movie with Daniel's projector.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, even more stuff happened. Oh wait...I mean less stuff happened. Dad, Mom, Stephanie, and Karen went to the mall to buy Dad a new cell phone. Mom also got an identical one. While they did that, Kevin and I didn't really have much to do, so we watched some movies.

So that was fun. Then Mom asked me to program her phone. So I did. It's has a picture. I took a picture of Dad, and set it so that his picture appears on the phone when he calls. Funny! Mom downloaded an Aerosmith Dream On ringer. Whee, what fun. That night, many of us watched another movie on the projector.


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