Nobody's at School!

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 at 2:32 PM | Filed under

School was bizarre today! Most of the school (I guess about two-thirds) went to the basketball games at the Tacoma Dome.

In art books, Ms. Coburn went to the game, so there was no teacher! The teacher next door (I think her name is Ms. Maltabella) visited our class every once in a while, but we mostly worked. The advanced art students continued painting on vinyl records, and I continued working on my Mario Box. We listened to oldies while we worked. On the radio, I heard that McDonald's is going to stop serving supersized meals.

During history class, we went to the Hi-Q match. We won! The score was 55-15-26, and we won! Those questions are hard! Then it was lunch. Allison got to take both lunches off! Mamma-mia! During lunch, I played Mega Microgame$. Everyone liked the kitty cat blinking one. Then we returned to history, and I finished my work!


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