Falling off the Space Needle into a 10-Foot Cake

Wednesday, March 31, 2004 at 2:29 PM | Filed under ,

Between first and third period, I noticed a few construction paper fish scattered on the ground in the flex areas. I picked them up. Most of them say "le premier avril" or "poisson d'avril". On my way to lunch, I noticed more of them on the ground. I picked one up when I saw one, and put it into my pocket. I asked Katie U. what they meant (she takes French) and she said that they mean "first of April," and apparently, they are April Fools' Day pranks. After that, I went through all of the flex areas of Commencement Hall, and after that, I had about 25 fish! Katie K. seemed very interested in this. Bryan said he saw a lot of fish in the library, so Katie K. and I went to the library to go fish hunting (or if you will, "fishing"). As of now, I have 32. I would have more, but I gave one to Cory and one to Emily, and I probably dropped a few, too.

In Drafting, we're continuing to have highly intellectual conversations. On Monday, we were discussing infinity. Today, it started when Dylan on my left asked me how long I've been living in Washington. I replied, "Oh, about 11 years." Then, Jeremy on my right said, "I almost fell off the Space Needle once." Yeah, sure. Then, the intelligence level of our conversation skyrocketed. Our first question was, "If you fell head first off the Space Needle, would it hurt?" I guess it depends on how quickly you go unconscious, because if you were to go unconscious before the pain registered, it wouldn't hurt, right? Then we were curious about if there were a trampoline under the Space Needle. We concluded that it would still hurt or break bones if you were to land on the trampoline. Then, for some reason, the girl behind me asked about what if it were a 200-foot tall trampoline. I couldn't stop laughing after this question. What an absurd idea, a 200-foot trampoline!! Then she asked what if you landed onto a 10-foot cake? I bet it would still hurt, or at least break a few bones.

All his reminded me of a story Dad told me once, that he stopped a criminal in a police chase by parking his plywood truck (He used to work at Kansas Plywood) in an intersection so the driver couldn't get around. I asked about if a car going at 80 MPH were to drive into a plywood truck, but we concluded that it would hurt a lot.

Suddenly, our conversation got weird. "Let's say a truck is going 80 MPH down a dirt road, and the driver slams on the brakes, but just at the precise moment the driver slams his foot down, the laws of physics abruptly stop. What would happen?" Yeah, this is what we discussed.


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