The McDonald's From Hell

Friday, March 5, 2004 at 11:47 PM | Filed under

Earlier tonight, Mom, Stephanie, and I travelled to the new McDonald's next to the new Bartell Drugs, and we were surprised to notice that the power was out in the general area! I guess the strong winds blew the power out. We agreed to go to the McDonald's in Mukilteo, also now known as the McDonald's from Hell.

We walked in, and there were five parties ahead of us in line. Why do they only use one register when they have two?! The cashier was an idiot, and that's why the line moved slowly. We finally got to the front of the line, and placed our orders. They gave us cups, and I filled mine with Sprite (no ice) and I went by myself to go grab a table. The place was crowded—I had to make sure we had a table. I sat down, waiting for Mom and Stephanie. I must have sat there for ten minutes! I got up and went around the corner to the register to check what was taking so long, and Mom and Stephanie were walking toward me to sit down. We ate. Yummy burgers! I was still hungry—I wanted an apple pie stick. I walked over to the register. Great! No line now. I stood, waiting for a cashier, but nobody was there to take my order. I stood. A little kid in the background screamed ear piercingly. Nobody at the register. I stood. A kid screaming. Nobody. Stood. Scream. Nobody. Stood. Screech. Some kid got behind me in line. Then, one guy walking behind the register said "Hold on, somebody will be with you in a few minutes." THAT'S IT! FORGET THE APPLE PIE!! WE'RE LEAVING!!! It took a few minutes for Mom to clean up her garbage. By this point, I was fumingly impatient. We finally left.

As we were leaving the parking lot, I looked back at the Mickey-D's from Hell, and saw that same kid still standing there, waiting for the employees to take his order. He may be there forever.


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