Tree Pushers

Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 3:49 PM | Filed under

Across the street from my cul-de-sac used to be a beautiful little forested area, but now a bunch of jackasses are tearing down all the trees. We've known about it for months—they're going to instead use the land to build more apartments or something. As if there aren't enough apartments in the area already! I guess I shouldn't gripe too much because some of my cousins happen to live in apartments on the same block, but I think they should have asked my permission before they started tearing down the trees (and I would've said no).

It's just a little disheartening because I've been used to seeing trees there for the 15 years I've lived here. But now there's nothing because these dolts have taken down all the trees. Mom kept saying that she could have sworn that the real estate agent told her that the area was a protected greenbelt and therefore protected from devastation, but she couldn't find any paperwork to back this up. Indeed, further down the hill is a "Wetland" sign (indeed, I'm confident that the stream running through my backyard connects to a little pond right under the sign), and none of those trees have been killed, but everything up to the top of the hill is gone.

The only benefit I can see from this is that perhaps we'll see a little more sun around here—I wrote earlier this year that a lot of snow lingers around here because those trees created a lot of shade. But I have no idea how tall the new buildings going in will be. Another potential benefit I could see was that if they were going to have apartments, they would probably add stairs and I might be able to go up their stairs (even if I don't really live there and would be trespassing)—the hill is really steep and there really isn't a sidewalk. I was also hoping that I would be able to go through the newly barren area as a shortcut to my cousins' apartment, but there are too many fences in the way.

To point out how horrible this desolation is, I've provided some before and after pictures. The before pictures aren't the best representation I have because it was winter and the trees were more bare than usual, but it's the best I have, and it's pretty because they're covered in snow. They're from two months ago.


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