Crazy Hopscotch

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 at 9:08 PM | Filed under ,

Today, I finally fulfilled my goal of bringing chalk to the university and drawing something on the ground. Originally, I thought of writing some palindromes, but I settled on drawing a few hopscotch courts around the fountain. I decided against drawing numbers in them because people could approach them from either side and I didn't want to alienate anyone (see Sidewalk Chalk). I wonder if anyone is actually going to jump on these. I sat nearby for a little while, and didn't actually see anyone jump or even notice, but it wasn't passing time, so not many people were walking by while I waited.

After drawing two hopscotches, I mustered up some courage and drew a ridiculous one with the hopscotch trailing off into the pond water. I hope nobody is foolish enough to try. As a precaution, I wrote "STOP! THINK!" in the last box before the water (and to parody all the political chalk messages on campus), but I had to really squeeze it in there and it turned out being less than perfect.


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