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I thought I'd point out in case you hadn't noticed that the weather today has surpassed any weather we've experienced so far this year. Yesterday was pretty good too. Of everyone I know, my cat is the person who most likes sunny weather most. I'm sure that when I walk in through the front door when I get home, he will make a mad dash for the door, but I've gotten pretty good at stopping him. (He wants to eat the grass, but it makes him puke, so we try to limit his intake.) The thing I like most about warm weather is the fact that it prevents cold weather; as I'm sure you know, I hate coldness. It sucks, no explanation necessary. But no coldness today! It's really nice out. It's probably 80, though I haven't measured. I've said before that the weather is acceptable only if it can heat the inside of a car to above the "comfort" level. So, yeah, it's getting real warm out. It's nice to
have a change.


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