If the Earth Suddenly Stopped Spinning

Sunday, November 7, 2004 at 12:24 AM | Filed under , ,

Today at the blood center, it was really boring. I probably waited on fewer than half-a-dozen people. What a slow day. I only brought my Calculus homework—after I finished that, there was nothing to read but the boring magazines in the waiting room...

The fire alarm went off again on Friday during school. This time, instead of first period, it happened during my lunch time. Now, since, like I've said, my friends and I eat lunch apart from the other students, we didn't know exactly where to go. We ended up standing in the parking lot while the fire department came to assess the fire. I was glad I brought my coat. It turns out that there actually was no fire. One of the smoke detectors was malfunctioning. The schedule was not changed. I suppose this fire had very little effect on the rest of my day. Still, it was something I thought I should bring up.

In Calculus, Mr. Worster and Aaron have been talking about this question: "What if the earth suddenly stopped rotating about its axis?" We've worked this out: If the earth suddenly quit spinning, there would be tremendous jerk. People would be snapped 6 miles into the east at about 1000 mph. I think this would all be in fewer than 30 seconds, too. Not sure. It would be quite disastrous. So we're talking astrophysics in math class... Math class is never boring.

Today (well, technically, it's barely after midnight on Sunday, but I mean Saturday morning), Kevin came over, and we all left to see friends performing at the grand opening of the Village at the mall. I went specifically to see Megan, but alas, I didn't see her. I did, however, see Brandon B. working at Sears. It was boring because Stephanie was trying on Tolo dresses. Kevin brought his pocket PC, and we took pictures. It probably took us over 10 minutes to get out of the parking lot. Lots of cars.


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