Bingo Night

Friday, November 5, 2004 at 10:01 PM | Filed under ,

Well, Bingo Night at school was much more fun than I thought it was going to be. I met Tiffany there, and my mom and Tiffany's mom stayed and played Bingo too. We got there at about 6:20. The cards, which came in a set of 15 games, cost $5. Each game had three bingo cards. That's three chances per game. However, once one person wins a game, that's it. Onto the next card. This game's over. We also could buy stampers (they only had pink) to mark the bingo cards. Those were 50¢. I only needed one.

This place was official. A real light-up board with the numbers—you know what I'm talking about. There were also TV monitors at the front that displayed what number popped out of the ball thing. It was neat.

We played 10 games at first, each with special rules, like picture frame, for example, or hardway (getting a bingo without using the free space. I didn't win any of those. However, Tiffany's mom did! She told Tiffany to choose a prize from the table, and Tiffany asked me to go with her. Many of the prizes available were gift certificates to restaurants, and there were also a few Christmas decoration things. Tiffany ended up choosing a $20 off gift certificate for Anthony's seafood restaurant. Good deal.

Between the second and third games, I went to the concessions stand to buy some pizza. Mmmm. The poster said "Four kinds of pizza!" so I asked what they had. They said, "All we have is cheese, and green pepper and onion." Now, they probably thought I would have said cheese, but no! I chose "green pepper and onion", and they gave me a look that said, "you can't be serious, get the heck out of here." It was quite good. It also had mushrooms (good thing). I'll eat any pizza that doesn't have anchovies. And pineapple. What business does pineapple have on a pizza? But I digress...

After those first 10 games, and a short break, there was a special game with a special card that cost 50¢ per card. I didn't want to play that. I think I thought the prize wasn't fun enough or something. So while I wasn't playing, and everyone else was, there were some children behind me roughhousing. Apparently, a boy had this one girl's shoe, and she was trying to get it back. I said, "Why do you want her shoe?" And then the boy told me it wasn't a her—it was his brother. Whoops. The long hair threw me off. I was upset at them because they had already won a big bag of Twix candies, my favorite candy next to Kit Kats.

After the special game, we played five more games with varying rules like before. Of course, I lost all those games, too. It was funny. When somebody yelled "Bingo!", everyone (not me, or anyone else I was with) would boo or just plain be poor sports. Gone are the carefree Bingo games.

After that, they were going to have another special game. "The BIG Blackout". Ooooh hoo hoo! I bought two cards, each at 50¢. They announced the prize we were playing for, a year supply of Starbucks or something, and Mom bought four cards because she really wanted to win it. She gave me one of her cards. It was hard keeping track of 9 bingo cards at once.

I never won. Mom didn't win either. What a letdown. You could tell the air was tense with excitement. Someone yelled "Bingo!" and everyone, even me, moaned. Then she said okay, we'll continue this game for a second prize. She pulled a number, and someone immediately said "Bingo!" Everyone moaned, except this time, they were just plain upset. That was it. Game over, dudes.

Aww... too bad. After this, while the woman was reading some raffle ticket numbers (we didn't win any raffles, either), the boy who was at the table behind us was talking to me. "What grade are you?" "11! What grade are you?" "1. Guess how old I am." I guessed 7. "No, 6." "Oh. Well, I was close, wasn't I?" "Nope." "Oh." Then I was walking to the trash can to throw away the plate my pizza was on, and as I was returning to Mom at the table, the boy gave me one of his Twixs. "Oh, thank you," I said. So, YES! I got a Twix.

We left. Mom was disappointed that she won nothing. I've yet to eat the Twix, but maybe in a minute. Probably right after I type this weblog. Or maybe I'll give it to Mom.


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