Everybody Loves Raymond Marathon

Saturday, November 27, 2004 at 9:52 AM | Filed under ,

Garth took the computer chair (he probably slept in it overnight) and I don't want to make him move...so I'm sitting in this hard dining table chair. It's not nearly as comfortable. Darn kitty, give me back the chair!

I recorded the entire Everybody Loves Raymond marathon. It took 2 video tapes. I shall watch it whenever I need to.

I think we're going to put the Christmas tree up today. I'll put pictures up when I get the opportunity. I made a chain out of red, white, and green construction paper. It's a Christmas decoration. It pretty. I put it up on the walls. It completely goes around the living room, and goes into the dining room a little. I made too much. I made it all during the ELR marathon.


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