White Castle Burgers

Wednesday, December 3, 2003 at 10:20 PM | Filed under , , ,

In drafting class today, Mr. Huddleson was talking to two other students at his desk. Somebody was going somewhere or something, and they mentioned White Castle Burgers. Then, Mr. Huddleson said that they're disgusting! He said that the onions are slimy, the cheese is hard, and the patty is nothing more than a square sheet of meat. Of course, I disagree with him, but I didn't tell him that. Teachers are much more inclined to give you a better grade if they think you're on their side. Trust me—I know this from experience.

Channel One News today was a rerun from yesterday, but nobody noticed because they were playing cards or talking. I started reading my book right away, but I would have rather watched Family Feud with Richard Karn, the guy who played Al on Home Improvement, but I'm sure that Ms. Carey wouldn't have changed the channel. She was eager to teach!

Dad had to return Kirby Air Ride today. I think it's on my Christmas list. Yesterday, my neighbors came over and we played it multiplayer, and they liked it. So now that I know that people will play that game with me, I think I want it.

Dad rubbed catnip into the carpet in the hallway. The cats loved it. They both lay in the hallway, sniffing and eating it, then they started rolling in it, like how rich people roll in their money. It was cute because they would each seem to take turns rolling, then they would both roll at the same time. It's fun watching a fat cat roll over.


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