Tuesday, December 23, 2003 at 8:36 PM | Filed under ,

We celebrated Christmas yesterday because we are going to visit my relatives in Bellingham tomorrow. Guess what I got! I got a camcorder! So did my sister! Now we'll both have to record stuff. We started to make a movie yesterday. I also got cherry cordials and a board game called Loser. It's funny. I put it on my list, so don't feel sorry for me or anything. And shirts, I got two shirts.

Yesterday, I also bought a GameCube game called Pac-Man World 2, but I bought it because it came with Pac-Man Vs., which is just about the coolest game ever, and it was only $20. Three players are ghosts, and they can only see part of the game field around them while trying to gang up and kill Pac-Man. The player who is Pac-Man uses the Game Boy Advance, which is hooked up to the GameCube. He can see the whole board, must try to avoid the ghosts and score points. It's fun. For some reason, Mario narrates the game!


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