Agony at the Mall

Saturday, December 20, 2003 at 12:18 PM | Filed under

Yawn. I'm tired. I just woke up! When I don't have school, my schedule pushes itself 4 or 6 hours later. WINTER BREAK! YEAH!

Yesterday, I asked Mom to take me to get a haircut, and she wanted to get lunch, so it worked out well... for a while. We went to Cafe Neo, a Greek food restaurant, and it was good. I like their fries. Then we went to SuperCuts. I'm too good for regular cuts. From here, everything went downhill. Mom drove us across the street to THE MALL! I don't know why she insists on standing so long, looking at a product, without buying it. What a waste of time. While I was there, I bought silly string, and a Cinnabon. We were there for 4 long, lingering hours.

Tonight, we pick up my aunt Karen from the airport. Yay! She only comes for two months every year, but it still doesn't seem like enough. While I was asleep, my sister made a sign to bring to the airport, the kind of sign where she finds her name, looks down, and sees us holding her sign. But I wanted to help her make that sign! I slept for 12 hours—school must have really been dragging me down. The airport is fun. My favorite part used to be little tram/train that you rode from one side of the airport to the other, but we can't ride those now because of 9/11. Sheesh, airport guys, let me play on the fun ride!


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