Dumb Sideways High Jump Relays

Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 2:47 PM | Filed under

In Walking, on Tuesday, we had to do some dumb tests for some idiotic standardized fitness assessment thing where no matter how hard you try, you always get the Poor rating. Ah well. We did the long jump. I did quite well at that. We also did some sit-and-reach thing and some body fat and blood pressure things. I think I'll need to have my blood pressure rechecked at a pharmacy or something. I hope Mrs. Oard's reading was wrong. She said a noisy gym really wasn't a very good place to take such a reading. After that, we did some exhausting relay things. Weird sideways jumping stuff I'm not used to.

This is weird. I think Calculus is my favorite class now. Strange. People usually say that math is their least-favorite class. Hmmm. I bet it's the people in the class. My classmates are fun, and the teacher's pretty cool too. Yesterday, on Wednesday, Mr. Worster got the new projector system that every classroom will have by the end of the year. It's practically a camera that you aim down at paper, or a book, or something. It's hooked up to a projector that projects the camera's image onto the overhead screen. Neat! I told Mr. Worster that it can also be used as a camera; point it at people. So he did. He pointed it at the class. That image was projected onto the screen. Then he pointed it at Audrey's face, and zoomed it so that her face filled the screen. She had fun with that, sticking her tongue out, making faces. We did this stuff for fifteen to twenty minutes.

After Mr. Worster's lecture (about infinity and limits and stuff), he was walking around to see if anyone needed help with the homework. He walked behind me, and I noticed he was reading the funny document I had in the front of my binder. The document contains stupid answers contestants gave on Family Feud. He kept reading them quietly to himself, then cracking up and laughing at the dumb answer. For example, "Name something you find in a bird cage. A hamster." Or "A man's name beginning with K. Kentucky Fried Chicken." Or "The most lovable breed of dog. Kitten." There's three examples. Mr. Worster thought it was so funny that he asked if he could borrow the paper. He took it to the front of the class, and read practically the whole thing to the class! Wooo! I change this document on the front of my binder weekly, so I don't think this will be the only time this happens.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but all Wednesday and today, my legs have been VERY sore. Like the "can't walk without limping and moaning" soreness. I couldn't get up from my seat without screaming "OW OW DARN CRUD!" Actually, I'm kidding. I mean, they really are very sore, but I didn't scream when getting up. It does hurt a lot, though. Still does. I'd bet my entire stash of cigarettes that it's P.E.'s fault. Dumb sideways high jump relays. Dumb legs. Stop hurting. It's the calves, and the left ... hamstring, is it? I think it's the hamstring. On the inside side.

And that's what made P.E. today such a pain. Of course, we had more of those dumb test things to do. Today was the high-jump, sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. Squats are when you sit down, then stand up. Sit stand sit stand. Repeatedly. For a minute. I'm quite good at that, even with pain-legs. It's 86 or something. Maybe 88? We also had the dreaded 12-minute run. I only dreaded it because of my stupid hurting legs. When I was jogging the legs stiffed up like boards. They didn't want to run. So I only ran 1800 meters in the 12 minutes. Tiffany and Barbie did better than me. Stupid leg. I HATE YOU.

Granny and gramps want to take Stephanie and me to dinner place tonight. THE ROCK PIZZA CAFE. I hope it tastes better than it sounds. Rock pizza? Seriously.

Oh, and I don't smoke. Don't have cigarettes.

Great. Now my back hurts. And my butt will hurt because of those uncomfortable driving school desk chair hard crap metal seats. Great. What a painful life.


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