Shiver Stars

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 10:17 PM | Filed under ,

For the past few days, it's been bitingly cold outside, which sucks, because I hate the cold. It was 20 degrees this morning. Brrrr! I have to pack my backpack with gloves, a hat, and ear warmers. Also, I don't like wearing a big coat. I don't understand how some people can stand to wear shorts in this weather, but I've seen it several times at the university.

My birthday is this Saturday, and the last two times I threw a party, snow threatened to force my guests to stay home. Fortunately, none of my parties have ever been ruined by snow, but it kinda makes me wish that I had a summer birthday. I'd love to have a party at a park, but I know that in January, nobody at my party would be happy. A summer birthday would also mean better presents. People have been asking for a week what they should get me; I've been telling them that I don't know, and it's because I just already got a lot of great presents for Christmas.

I was just outside, carrying stuff out to the recycle bin, and I noticed that the stars are very visible. They are bright and sharp and pretty. Normally, when I try to look at the stars during summer nights, it's too hard to see them. But tonight, it's very clear outside. Why is it that the only time it's good to see the stars is when it's too cold to look?


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