An Ordinary Day

Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 5:12 PM | Filed under

Today was quite a day. First, I awakened. Then I thought about getting up out of bed. Then I got up out of bed. Then I climbed down from my bed. Then I thought about misting my lizards. Then I misted my lizards. Then I changed clothes. I did my hair and ate breakfast. It was Froot Loops with marshmallows in it. The marshmallows are supposed to be aliens for some reason...

Then we drove to school. I went to Mrs. MacWilliams' class. We did English there. We read "The Missing Piece" and it was quite a day. Then I had Pre-Calculus, and again, Mr. Youngren had trouble getting people's attention. Then it was lunch. It was rainy, so we had to eat lunch under the cover of the thing instead of eating in the lunchroom. Then it was Biology and we had to watch one exciting video followed by a less exciting (boring, if you will) video. Then I boarded the bus. VROOM!

Tonight at about 5-ish, Animal Planet is going to air a special about Garfield the Movie. Then at about 7-ish, we have to go to Stephanie's school for a concert of some kind.


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