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On Wednesday, the schedule called for my Art Books and Drafting finals. The final for Art Books wasn't that bad. Ms. Coburn has us fold a few origami papers into some kind of box-like spherical thing. Folding each page wasn't too hard; piecing the twelve papers together was the hard part. I think she gave everyone who finished it full credit, so yay!

Mr. Huddleson cancelled the final for us Drafting 1/2 students. The Drafting 1 students, however, had to do a rather difficult project.

Thursday was my Precalculus final. The schedule also said it was my English final day, but remember, we took that last month (I aced it). The math test was not very hard, overall. I got frustrated and confused with some trig though and left a few answers blank...

Today, I had my World Civ. final. It wasn't too hard. Just a few fill-in-the-blanks and a short response to a quotation. That wasn't hard. I also had my Biology final. That wasn't hard—I'm good at this stuff.

During Precalculus class today, a few of us went to the Mac Lab to take an Accuplacer test. This test was not easy, even for a Pre-Calc student. We got our results immediately (except for Aaron—his computer got messed up or something), and I finished in the ninety-nine percentile! Wahoo. Next year, I'll be taking Calculus for college credit!

We're having a garage sale today and tomorrow. I'm taking a break right now from it. It's been sunny as hell until about an hour ago. Whew—tired and sweaty. Fortunately, the neighbors too are having a garage sale, so they've been talking with us, so at least it's not boring. I took the fan outside a while ago.

Well, I'm going to get back outside now.


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