I Want Cookies

Saturday, November 29, 2003 at 10:14 AM | Filed under ,

I just finished eating my leftover McDonald's. I didn't finish it yesterday, so I saved it for later, and now I'm done eating it. I'm still quite not full yet. I wonder if I should eat something else. There's a cookie commercial on the TV right now. Mmmm... I like Chips Ahoy, but we don't have any. And there's a saying that goes, "You cannot eat what you do not have." Therefore, I cannot eat them. I can, however, drink a lot of Sprite. We have a lot of Sprite.

I moved the candy machine right next to the computer desk. It was too hard to reach the candy machine in the corner where it used to be, so I decided to move it to an area with more traffic. Besides, now I can eat M&M's while I type on this stupid blog.

I'm renting Kirby Air Ride again. I'm still not sure if I want to buy it or receive it as a Christmas present. If Kevin wasn't in Bellingham, I would invite him over to play it. The thing I like about renting a game on a disc format is that it saves the data to your own memory card, so when you return the game, you still have the saved data. When you return a game on a cartridge, you return the saved data with it, and that's no fun.


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