Christmas Tree Dilemma

Saturday, November 29, 2003 at 4:28 PM | Filed under ,

When Mom and Stephanie get back from shopping, we're going to discuss the Christmas decorations. I want a big, festive tree like we always do, with big ornaments, lights, an angel on top, and maybe some tinsel this time, but Mom wants to get rid of our traditional decorations and use only a stupid little tree. We wouldn't be able to put big ornaments on it, just those pathetic tiny ones. A string of lights would be too big, and the beautiful angel she bought last year at JCPenney (I think) would not fit on the small tree.

Of course, the reason she wants to use a little tree is because the big one would block the view of the television from the treadmill. With a big tree, Mom wouldn't be able to watch TV. My suggestion is that she move the treadmill so the big tree can go where it's supposed to. Besides, the treadmill only makes other people in the room upset. It's loud and annoying. There's the sound of the motor, the belt rubbing against the thing below it, and the loud thumps of feet banging against it. And for some reason, the treadmill smells funny.


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