Mysterious Meal

Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 1:21 PM | Filed under , ,

I was reading Here Comes Garfield, the comic book adaptation of the first Garfield TV special, when I noticed something odd. In the course of the story, this scene does absolutely nothing to forward the plot, and was probably included only to allow the audience to watch Garfield indulge, but it just doesn't make sense. Please click the thumbnail to read a few pages.

Garfield smells food in the middle of the night and goes downstairs to play with it and eat it. The big question is why there is food set out on the table overnight. We can see after Garfield crawls out of his bed that Jon is asleep in his own bed. So why did Jon leave all this food out? He left out a block of Swiss cheese, some eggs, a huge bowl of potato salad, spaghetti, an entire ham, and a pan of lasagna, among other less perishable foods.

There's nothing in the story to indicate that Jon became so tired that he went to bed without cleaning up after his humongous dinner. Garfield hasn't hassled Jon since breakfast because he was out all day teasing the neighbors and lamenting that Odie got captured and taken to the pound.

It's possible that Jon left this food out for Garfield because he figured he would be hungry, not having eaten since breakfast. But I doubt that. We'll just assume that Jon is not used to having to put food away because Garfield usually eats it all anyway.


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