Easter Eggs

Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 1:57 PM | Filed under ,

We dyed Easter eggs today. We don't really celebrate Easter except for dyeing eggs. We used an old Crayola egg coloring kit and had only ten eggs to dye. I hard boiled the eggs beforehand because Mom wants to eventually use them in salads. Dad tried to color an egg but messed up—he mistook the purple dye for blue dye and colored his egg the wrong color. He was trying to make a red, white, and blue egg. I kept getting frustrated because the yellow dye was hardly coloring the eggs, so none of them are yellow. Mom got offended by one of Stephanie's eggs; Stephanie used white crayon to write "ASS" on an egg before she dyed it.

I dyed a few eggs: First is the green one on the left with "EGG" on it. I also dyed the purple "HAPPY EASTER" one on the right, and the purple/green egg in front of it. I colored the blue-green egg in the back, too.


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