Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 7:13 PM

My sister and I just left Fred Meyer. In front of us in line was a woman with her two children, including her brat son. "What's taking so long?" he kept whining. I felt sorry for the cashier, who was already being burdened by another older woman whose coupons weren't scanning. The boy kept trying to open the still-unpurchased plastic toy golf club set his mother was buying him, and continually complaining about having to go to the bathroom. I hope I wasn't anything like that when I was his age!

The kid kept repeatedly looking at my sister and me in line, and it was starting to bug me, so I began telling my sister what kinds of candy I like; perhaps I subconsciously wanted the kid to bug his mother about not buying him candy as well. "I like Mounds," I recall saying, "but not Almond Joy." The kid turned to look at each candy bar as I mentioned it. "I think it's because I don't like almonds. Now Milky Way—no... what's the one with the nougat? 3 Musketeers—I like that too. I also like Twix. I don't know what my favorite candy is! Actually, wait, that's jelly beans. But I don't know what my favorite candy bar is—I guess it's Twix, but I also like Whatchamacallits, but I haven't had those in a long time." "That's because we used to get those at the gas station with Mom," Stephanie replied.

After they were finally rung up, the boy lagged behind and shouted for his mom to look. He was showing her the cool pink trike he was sitting on. I so wanted to shout, "That's a girl's bike!" but she was already pulling him out of the store.


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