Yahoo Presses My Buttons

Monday, November 14, 2005 at 4:28 PM | Filed under ,

I am officially dislikeful of Yahoo.

Why is it that whenever I visit one of Yahoo's Geocities sites, it reaches its maximum bandwidth allowance when I'm halfway through viewing one of their sites? It's like, I visit one or two pages, click a link, and suddenly, I can't view any more because I've crippled the site by forcing Yahoo to use too much bandwidth?

I think Yahoo should be less selfish. They already impose annoying ads on their users' webpages. Unfortunately for the poor companies who use that space for ads, I am more annoyed about having to close the ad than interested in seeing their product.

And what is it with AOL? I can't send anybody on AOL an email without the Internet Postmaster sending it right back to me! I think AOL is mean.


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