An Apology

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In yesterday's blog, I said that the picture of Velma searching for her glasses was the coolest thing in the school.

I apologize. It was a lie. This is still the coolest thing in the school:

Okay. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I have some more pictures to show you! This afternoon during lunch, I was in the Great Hall, so I decided to take pictures of each class's big poster hanging from the ceiling.

Once again, I apologize. This time, I'm apologizing for the blurriness of pictures again. People notice when you fill the room with a flash. They look over. Several people might ask, "Why are you taking pictures of the posters?" It's a little embarrassing to say, "It's for my blog."

Here's my class's poster, the Ninja Turtles one. It's pretty cool, ain't it? The picture of the maverick, our school mascot, on the manhole cover is an interesting choice. After looking at the poster for a minute, I'm afraid I'm rather concerned for poor Donatello's health. His left arm is so skinny near the wrist! Why, his bo staff is just as thick, if not thicker!

This is the freshmen's poster. I forget what that big poofy monster is called, but he looks like that guy from the car tires commercials, so I'll call him Michelin. By the way, the people at the bottom of the picture above aren't drawings of people running away from Michelin. They're people on the stage.

Here's the sophomores' poster, starring Mario & Friends! This time, they remembered to put the M on his cap! If you're wondering what Mario's holding, I have to admit that I was wondering the same thing. I asked Nick, and he told me that he's holding some goat cheese. You see, Goat Cheese is the class name of the sophomores.

Please don't ask me why Peach doesn't have any legs. I like the Paratroopa in the corner. The messy blue writing under the word "Super" says "Sophomores". I had to ask my sister about that one.

By far my most beloved of all the posters, the juniors' Scooby-Doo poster is perfect in almost every way. I noticed a few flaws: Shaggy doesn't have the fuzz on his face, and Velma's arm looks like a drumstick. I didn't notice the background on this poster when I took this picture, but it's by far the best background on any of the four posters.

After looking at the posters, I realized that I hadn't been to the freshmen's hallway. So I ran over there as fast as my fat little legs could carry me. I was mildly impressed.

At first, I thought it was a little lacking, but then I thought back to what our hallway looks like, and I realized this: Our senior hallway looks like crap! The freshmen's hallway is bright blue, and I like the city lights touch. There are little ghosts hanging from the ceiling that I didn't immediately notice. They're cool.

Fingerpainting? Geez, freshmen, grow up.

On my way back to class, I noticed what had happened to the directional posters located in the school:

Looks like we have some class competition! This sign points to where the E200's are. Some people have changed the 200 into 2006 or 2008 or whatever. I don't know, I thought this was at least a little interesting. Other directional posters have similar drawings on them. I like the poster that has the arrow switched around, pointing the wrong way. That made me chuckle.


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