Standardized Testing

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 9:01 PM | Filed under

For these last two weeks, the freshmen and sophomores have been taking standardized tests during the first class of the day. For the rest of us, that means that we've got blocks of classes where most of the class is sometimes missing.

Last Tuesday, most of the class in Chemistry was taking the test, and people were testing in our chemistry classroom, so we juniors and seniors went to a different classroom where we had practically two hours of free time. I read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy during most of those two hours.

Last Wednesday, Ms. Hudemann was proctoring the testing, so we had to move to a different classroom and Mr. Cook was supposed to be subbing for us, but the bell had rung and he wasn't showing up. Many people in the class kept saying that we all should leave, but nobody was doing anything. Eventually, a few people left, and one person apparently went to tell Mr. Hoffman, the Principal, that we had no teacher, so then Mr. Cook came and my group worked.

Last Thursday, we had two hours of History. Sigh. A pretty normal class since it's a junior class and nobody was testing, except it was two hours long. And last Friday, two hours of ASL. Ms. Brinkley didn't have anything planned, so we did nothing. I learned how to play a card game called 13 that didn't seem to make any sense at all.

Oh, and last Friday, it was remarkably hot in Mr. Worster's classroom, and somebody asked Worster if we could go outside and do our work there. Yoon wanted a place with shade, though, so Mr. Worster sent Rachel and me to go scout out a nice place with shade. Unfortunately, as it was just around noon, there weren't really any shadows around, so we sat on the concrete steps on the hill and I got a sunburn.

Mr. Worster and I were talking about Kansas or something and I brought up the Topikachu (Topeka was the site for a big Pokémon event, Topeka + Pikachu) thing and then we started talking about Pokémon, and how his son wanted cards, so he had asked his students to donate Pokémon cards and he got a bunch and yadda yadda. My point is that he got me playing Pokémon again and I beat Pokémon FireRed and I had already beaten Pokémon Ruby so I merged my two Pokémon teams together to create one really diverse team!

On Monday, in Calculus class, Mr. Worster thought our brains would get fried doing math homework for two hours straight or something, so we watched a movie called Stand and Deliver. It was a good movie.

Today, we had two hours of Creative Writing class, and it was a good thing we had the extra amount of time because Ms. Shaw wanted to keep watching Good Morning America because Bruce Springsteen was going to be on and she wanted to see him, but after a while, she decided to start teaching once she realized how much time she was wasting.


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