My Sister, the Horse

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 2:56 PM | Filed under

Yesterday, Stephanie joined my walking class. You see, her schedule got all screwed up and stuff, so now she has the same walking class as I do. So now the class has at least 44 students. Yikes. That's so many people that they technically split the class into halves. Mr. Wirtz keeps the first half of the alphabet, and Mrs. Oard joined us, and she has the second half of the alphabet. Unfortunately, they used the last names, so Stephanie's in my half of the class. Regardless, the two halves of the classes will go to the same places at the same time—we'll walk together. I wish I were in Mrs. Oard's group. She's a nice ol' lady. If the same could be said for Mr. Wirtz, it would be a very awkward statement, and I still wouldn't choose to be in his class anyway.

Today was an assembly to kick off Homecoming. Stephanie told me beforehand that she was going to be in it. There was this one part when the horse mascot came running into the gym, and I saw a bunch of Stephanie-hair-colored hair sticking out the back of the head of the costume. I immediately thought "Stephanie's hair" and realized that Stephanie was in the costume. I had doubts when I saw that the person inside the costume was too short for it—the fabric on the legs was crumpled together because it was too long. Stephanie always has huge 18-inch heels or something....... anyhoo, she confirmed to me on the bus that it was in fact her who was in the horse costume. Hmmm.


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