Mock Car Crash

Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 9:16 PM | Filed under

We had two readings that were due today in English. One of them made sense to me, but the other might as well have been written in Greek. I mean, it was Greek to me. Then Mrs. MacWilliams handed out an on-demand essay test that's only worth a piddly three hundred points! Cory didn't believe that when I told her this at lunch (Cory has this class after lunch). Overall, I don't think the test is hard, but then there's that stress that comes from the fact that this essay (Mrs. MacWilliams is calling it our final exam) pretty much determines a full letter grade on our report card. We're going to finish it in class on Thursday.

Oh, today was the Mock Car Crash! I looked forward to it all day...
Mrs. Jatul said we couldn't leave Biology right away for the car crash because she was borrowing lab tools from the University of Washington, and we had to do the experiment then and there. She said we'd only miss the introduction, and could afterward go view the car crash. After we finished what we needed to do for the experiment, she dismissed us to the parking lot to see the mock car crash.

We walked to the parking lot, expecting to see the beginning of the car crash. We walked through the arts wing to the west parking lot. Mr. Hoffman, the principal, was standing near the door. He asked the people in the front of our large walking class why we were late (or something, I couldn't hear) and Allison (as I remember) told him about our class doing the experiment. He shrugged, illustrating that he couldn't care less. I saw two emergency vehicles with the flashing lights. We walked over to the large group of people encircling what I like to call the "crash zone". I looked over some heads (our class got stuck behind everyone else) to see a wrecked car. Great, I thought to myself. We missed the crashing! We hadn't stood there for 20 seconds, however, until I heard a booming voice amplified by a speaker. It said something like "Go to the gym now for some kind of speech." Ack, we missed the entire crash. Damn!

I walked drugingly (is that even a word? Oh, no, it's grudgingly, my mistake) to the gym. Some guy was talking. He talked about how drinking and driving isn't worth the risk and something bad could happen like we had seen in the mock car crash. I guess it was kind of meaningless, not having seen the car crash. It made his speech long and boring. I heard one girl watching fainted.


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