Moo Pumpkin

Tuesday, November 2, 2004 at 9:13 PM | Filed under , ,

Driving School: ARRRGH! Today, in driving school at Sears, Mr. Norris put us into groups to do a test about subhabits and crash analysis. And guess what. My group was useless! No help at all! So I ended up doing it all by myself. Then I got upset when the one guy asked me for my answers. It only got worse as Mr. Norris repeatedly said, "Think hard, write fast," repeatedly while we were working. I did well on the test. Regardless, I was in a real bad mood afterwards.

I learned that Brandon B. works at Sears. I didn't have an opportunity to find him today. Maybe Thursday. Oh, and Natalie works there too. I remember her a little from middle school.

I had a very happy Halloween. On Saturday night, Kevin, Carla, and I went to Spencer's Gifts to get a strobe light. We carved pumpkins on Sunday. Mine was a sad pumpkin. Kevin carved a cyclops pumpkin. Shelly made a normal happy pumpkin. Michelle carved the word "moo" in hers. I'll add pictures if anyone requests them. At the blood center, later that day, everyone was dressed up for Halloween. Nobody dressed up as Dracula. I wore my costume shirt. The creepy music was fun! The technicians brought in potluck food and it was all good.


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