Falling off the Space Needle into a 10-Foot Cake

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Between first and third period, I noticed a few construction paper fish scattered on the ground in the flex areas. I picked them up. Most of them say "le premier avril" or "poisson d'avril". On my way to lunch, I noticed more of them on the ground. I picked one up when I saw one, and put it into my pocket. I asked Katie U. what they meant (she takes French) and she said that they mean "first of April," and apparently, they are April Fools' Day pranks. After that, I went through all of the flex areas of Commencement Hall, and after that, I had about 25 fish! Katie K. seemed very interested in this. Bryan said he saw a lot of fish in the library, so Katie K. and I went to the library to go fish hunting (or if you will, "fishing"). As of now, I have 32. I would have more, but I gave one to Cory and one to Emily, and I probably dropped a few, too.

In Drafting, we're continuing to have highly intellectual conversations. On Monday, we were discussing infinity. Today, it started when Dylan on my left asked me how long I've been living in Washington. I replied, "Oh, about 11 years." Then, Jeremy on my right said, "I almost fell off the Space Needle once." Yeah, sure. Then, the intelligence level of our conversation skyrocketed. Our first question was, "If you fell head first off the Space Needle, would it hurt?" I guess it depends on how quickly you go unconscious, because if you were to go unconscious before the pain registered, it wouldn't hurt, right? Then we were curious about if there were a trampoline under the Space Needle. We concluded that it would still hurt or break bones if you were to land on the trampoline. Then, for some reason, the girl behind me asked about what if it were a 200-foot tall trampoline. I couldn't stop laughing after this question. What an absurd idea, a 200-foot trampoline!! Then she asked what if you landed onto a 10-foot cake? I bet it would still hurt, or at least break a few bones.

All his reminded me of a story Dad told me once, that he stopped a criminal in a police chase by parking his plywood truck (He used to work at Kansas Plywood) in an intersection so the driver couldn't get around. I asked about if a car going at 80 MPH were to drive into a plywood truck, but we concluded that it would hurt a lot.

Suddenly, our conversation got weird. "Let's say a truck is going 80 MPH down a dirt road, and the driver slams on the brakes, but just at the precise moment the driver slams his foot down, the laws of physics abruptly stop. What would happen?" Yeah, this is what we discussed.

Nobody to Battle Pokémon With

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Today was a good day because Katie Kildare let me play with her squeaky fish toy.

After school, I bought Pokémon Colosseum for my GameCube. It's a good game. However, since there don't seem any rental Pokémon available, and since I don't know anybody with Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire, I can't play against anyone. I'm so sad. Dad said he might get Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire, but I don't know.


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Today was an okay day! First, Stephanie found the Wheel of Fortune CD-ROM that I thought was missing forever, so we played that game. Stephanie won. I kept hitting Bankrupt. How angry I was!

I babysat Alyssa and Jesse today. I was upset because I didn't want to stay outside, and neither did Jesse, but Alyssa wanted to play outside with Ali and Austin, but all they were doing was sitting. How boring! I finally ended up getting Alyssa to come in the house as long as I invited Ali. Jesse wanted to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, but Alyssa and Ali wanted to play Super Smash Bros. Melee. We ended up doing neither; Jesse played Lego Loco on my computer (he thought it was funny to put people in the cow pens), and Alyssa, Ali, and I played The Sims on the GameCube. I got $16!

We went to Value Village today, and I got some great keychains to add to my collection! I found a Kansas Royals keychain! What are the odds?! I also saw You Don't Know Jack 3, and Mom and I were pretty excited about buying it! The first game was fun, so the third game must be better. However, before we bought it, we asked if we could open it to see if the disc was in good condition. We opened it, and, to our surprise, there was no disc inside at all! Empty. I said, "What?! I'm not buying this!" True, in the end, we did not buy it, but the nice Value Village lady let us take the jewel case for free!

Stolen Keys

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Well, today was certainly an eventful day. I was sick yesterday (so was Dad) so I stayed home from school.

So I went to school early today: 7:00 AM. Of course, like I expected, none of my teachers from yesterday had yet arrived, so I couldn't ask them about the homework, so I talked with Nick and some of his friends for a half hour. Then, I went to Mrs. MacWilliams' office, and she told me that I didn't have to worry about the test—I can take it on Tuesday as long as I give my Julius Caesar lines first. Yippee! Great! I get to go first! I guess it's not too bad, because Kay already somehow forced me to present the lines I had memorized in front of the entire class. Wow. That was surprising.

In History, we learned that Ms. Carey's keys had been stolen! And her car! Mamma-mia! Well, she just leaves her keys lying around on desks, so I'm not really surprised that they got stolen, but that's just terrible! Also attached to her keys was a key to the school, so they also have to change all the locks to the school! And it'll cost a thousand dollars!

The McDonald's From Hell

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Earlier tonight, Mom, Stephanie, and I travelled to the new McDonald's next to the new Bartell Drugs, and we were surprised to notice that the power was out in the general area! I guess the strong winds blew the power out. We agreed to go to the McDonald's in Mukilteo, also now known as the McDonald's from Hell.

We walked in, and there were five parties ahead of us in line. Why do they only use one register when they have two?! The cashier was an idiot, and that's why the line moved slowly. We finally got to the front of the line, and placed our orders. They gave us cups, and I filled mine with Sprite (no ice) and I went by myself to go grab a table. The place was crowded—I had to make sure we had a table. I sat down, waiting for Mom and Stephanie. I must have sat there for ten minutes! I got up and went around the corner to the register to check what was taking so long, and Mom and Stephanie were walking toward me to sit down. We ate. Yummy burgers! I was still hungry—I wanted an apple pie stick. I walked over to the register. Great! No line now. I stood, waiting for a cashier, but nobody was there to take my order. I stood. A little kid in the background screamed ear piercingly. Nobody at the register. I stood. A kid screaming. Nobody. Stood. Scream. Nobody. Stood. Screech. Some kid got behind me in line. Then, one guy walking behind the register said "Hold on, somebody will be with you in a few minutes." THAT'S IT! FORGET THE APPLE PIE!! WE'RE LEAVING!!! It took a few minutes for Mom to clean up her garbage. By this point, I was fumingly impatient. We finally left.

As we were leaving the parking lot, I looked back at the Mickey-D's from Hell, and saw that same kid still standing there, waiting for the employees to take his order. He may be there forever.

Nobody's at School!

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School was bizarre today! Most of the school (I guess about two-thirds) went to the basketball games at the Tacoma Dome.

In art books, Ms. Coburn went to the game, so there was no teacher! The teacher next door (I think her name is Ms. Maltabella) visited our class every once in a while, but we mostly worked. The advanced art students continued painting on vinyl records, and I continued working on my Mario Box. We listened to oldies while we worked. On the radio, I heard that McDonald's is going to stop serving supersized meals.

During history class, we went to the Hi-Q match. We won! The score was 55-15-26, and we won! Those questions are hard! Then it was lunch. Allison got to take both lunches off! Mamma-mia! During lunch, I played Mega Microgame$. Everyone liked the kitty cat blinking one. Then we returned to history, and I finished my work!

My Useless Extension Cord

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Yesterday, I ate a big breakfast at about 10 A.M. because I wanted to spend all day outside in the sunny weather, With the neighbors; we played kickball. Shortly after I had gone outside, Mom yelled out the window, and said that we were going to lunch. I told her that I had already eaten breakfast, but she and the rest of the family begged for me to go. I must be one fun guy. So I went with them, even though I wasn't hungry. So we went to The Cheesecake Factory. Great. I wasn't hungry.

Then, we went to the mall, and Dad said he'd buy me something because I didn't want to go in the first place. I ended up buying a 9-foot extension cord for my computer. However, it wasn't until a few hours ago that I learned that the extension cord doesn't fit the plug for my computer, so it's a complete waste.

I learned today that like last year, our basketball teams are going to state at the Tacoma dome. Well, my friends at first lunch aren't going, good. However, more than half the school is planning to go. It's weird to be in school with fewer students. Last year, I had P.E. as one of my classes when half the school left. Ms. Oard didn't want us to sit down the whole period (she would let us, though), but she let us do just about anything we wanted. I played badminton, mostly. The class seemed to last forever—it felt like it must have been three or four hours!

This year, Ms. Carey said our class is going to go to a Hi-Q match because she doesn't want half the class to miss a new lecture. Yippee. I hope it's better than Jeopardy! because that game's boring. It's the same every time. Choose the category, Alex reads a question, contestant buzzes in, answers with another question, etc. Don't you hate it when people answer a question with another question? Sheesh!