Wendy's Complaint

Tuesday, December 30, 2003 at 9:27 PM | Filed under ,

Mom's been digging through her purse, and she pulled out a letter that I wrote on a comments sheet at Wendy's some time ago:
THREE bad things happened tonight. My mom's burger had a bug in it. A live bug. A gnat. My sister's burger had a long, dark hair in it. My cousin ordered extra bacon with his burger, but he didn't get any! He complained, and his second burger STILL didn't have bacon!!!!
I don't know if I was planning to submit that or not, but was funny to read it.

Old Man 2003

Monday, December 29, 2003 at 4:28 PM | Filed under ,

I bought a few Nintendo games the other day. I like Mario & Luigi. It's a funny game. I already got two pieces of the Beanstar, but that's not important... I also got Kirby Air Ride. That's right! I finally bought it!

What is important is that Old Man 2003 is dying, and little Baby New Year 2004 is almost born! That's exciting! We plan to go to B'ham for New Years again this year. I hope Stephanie will use her camcorder—she could use some practice.

We're making a movie. I want to finish it tomorrow, but I don't think that's going to happen because Katrina probably won't play the part. If Katrina won't, we'll probably get Stephanie to wear her bright red wig (if she brought it down here) and play the part instead. Then I would have to play the waiter, I guess. Oh well. I hope it works because I wanted to debut the movie on New Year's Eve, but I don't know...


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We celebrated Christmas yesterday because we are going to visit my relatives in Bellingham tomorrow. Guess what I got! I got a camcorder! So did my sister! Now we'll both have to record stuff. We started to make a movie yesterday. I also got cherry cordials and a board game called Loser. It's funny. I put it on my list, so don't feel sorry for me or anything. And shirts, I got two shirts.

Yesterday, I also bought a GameCube game called Pac-Man World 2, but I bought it because it came with Pac-Man Vs., which is just about the coolest game ever, and it was only $20. Three players are ghosts, and they can only see part of the game field around them while trying to gang up and kill Pac-Man. The player who is Pac-Man uses the Game Boy Advance, which is hooked up to the GameCube. He can see the whole board, must try to avoid the ghosts and score points. It's fun. For some reason, Mario narrates the game!

Agony at the Mall

Saturday, December 20, 2003 at 12:18 PM | Filed under

Yawn. I'm tired. I just woke up! When I don't have school, my schedule pushes itself 4 or 6 hours later. WINTER BREAK! YEAH!

Yesterday, I asked Mom to take me to get a haircut, and she wanted to get lunch, so it worked out well... for a while. We went to Cafe Neo, a Greek food restaurant, and it was good. I like their fries. Then we went to SuperCuts. I'm too good for regular cuts. From here, everything went downhill. Mom drove us across the street to THE MALL! I don't know why she insists on standing so long, looking at a product, without buying it. What a waste of time. While I was there, I bought silly string, and a Cinnabon. We were there for 4 long, lingering hours.

Tonight, we pick up my aunt Karen from the airport. Yay! She only comes for two months every year, but it still doesn't seem like enough. While I was asleep, my sister made a sign to bring to the airport, the kind of sign where she finds her name, looks down, and sees us holding her sign. But I wanted to help her make that sign! I slept for 12 hours—school must have really been dragging me down. The airport is fun. My favorite part used to be little tram/train that you rode from one side of the airport to the other, but we can't ride those now because of 9/11. Sheesh, airport guys, let me play on the fun ride!

No More Channel One News!!!

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I forgot to tell everybody at lunch that I heard that the school plans to stop airing Channel One News after break and have 20 minutes of silent reading time instead. This might sound like a good thing, but I also heard that students will not be allowed to work on anything except for reading. That means we can't take advantage of Channel One News to finish homework!

Game Show Network stinks! Never watch it again! They're changing their schedule line-up in March! They plan to stop airing game shows! Isn't that dumb? Oh, they're also going to change their name. That means no more Whammy... AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH.

Christmas Presents

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Today, I went to lunch, as usual, and I brought my camera to take pictures for a collage I have to do in English, but nobody wanted their picture taken. So now, instead of one picture of all my friends, I have several individual pictures. Oh well. I'll just put each of those on my collage. I don't think my friends would like for me to post my pictures on here, so I won't.

They did like the Christmas presents I gave them. They were little Christmas tree-shaped boxes with candies and little tree ornaments attached. Emily, Katie U., Allison, and Bryan each got a Garfield ornament, and Katie K. and Cory, the sisters, each got connectable Peanuts ornaments. Everybody kept offering a candy to everybody else, despite the fact that they all had the same candy...

Oh, I have to thank everybody for the Christmas presents they gave me. And I'll thank Bryan in advance for his present, which he promised us he'd bring on Friday.

It's so rainy right now. Actually, it's calming down, but it was raining hard a half-hour ago. I was walking down the hill to my cul-de-sac, and five or six cars were in my way, so I couldn't cross the street. It was odd because there's usually little traffic in the area at all. What was annoying was the cars that were turning into my cul-de-sac, only to turn back around. So I had to stand in the rain and wait for the cars to pass.

I'm eating a lot of chocolate right now, but it's okay because I am drinking low-fat milk with it. If I'm going to eat something fattening and sugary, I might as well even it out by drinking something healthy.

Stupid Homework

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There was a concert last night at my school that I really wanted to go to, but I had a major precalculus assignment that I had to work on instead, so I told Katie U. that I wouldn't be able to go when she called me. I worked on the problem all day. It wasn't easy—I still got it wrong.

Today, during class, Mr. Youngren told us what formulas to use to get the correct answers. I got the first three parts right, but I used the wrong formulas for the last two parts. Many people missed. Then he told us that he would move the due date to Tuesday! He was planning to move it the whole time; he just wanted to make sure that we could ask questions on the assignment before the test on Tuesday. I was up all night working on that stupid problem instead of going to the concert! It sounded like fun, too.

Channel One Reruns

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Channel One News was a rerun again today. Ms. Carey turned it off and everybody was all like, "Hey, it's not over yet" and "We're playing cards, don't turn it off!" But Ms. Carey pointed out that it was a rerun. Then everybody else said, "No it isn't!" but it's the same episode that they aired three times last week. They just weren't paying attention. Ever. I wonder why they're showing us the same episode over and over.

Dad got a new stereo system. Now our ears will always be ringing and we won't be able to tell if the phone's ringing, or if it's just our ears. We also rearranged all the furniture downstairs. Dad doesn't like it, but I think it's fine. He just doesn't like that we didn't ask him, I guess.

Fire Station Concert

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Stephanie's school had another one of its little concert things (and once again, I was uninformed) except this one was at the fire station. It seems like nobody prepared this very well. Half the people had to stand. Luckily, we found chairs. Beverly Elementary School's choir was first to perform, and you couldn't hear them. There was a lot of noise behind us (kids were lined up to take pictures with Santa), but the kids just weren't singing very loudly at all. I'd bet several of them were whispering. Stephanie's middle school's orchestra was next, and they were much louder. Because of the terrible layout, we couldn't see Stephanie, but it still sounded good. We left after that, despite the fact that more schools were performing afterwards.

Circumcise the Circle

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In pre-calculus class today, class was kinda boring. Mr. Youngren was yabbering about hyperbolas. He talked about some kind of ellipse on the graph, and he said that you have to circumscribe the ellipse. A girl in class giggled and said, "circumcise." Everybody laughed. Mr. Youngren turned toward her and said, "Careful, Jenny. It's 'circumscribe.' " He then turned back to the board, lifted his marker to the ellipse, and continued, "so you circumcise the circle—" and sputtered, and everybody laughed. Even Mr. Youngren. Which just goes to show you that everybody can laugh at his or her own mistake. After that, it was just boring again.

White Castle Burgers

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In drafting class today, Mr. Huddleson was talking to two other students at his desk. Somebody was going somewhere or something, and they mentioned White Castle Burgers. Then, Mr. Huddleson said that they're disgusting! He said that the onions are slimy, the cheese is hard, and the patty is nothing more than a square sheet of meat. Of course, I disagree with him, but I didn't tell him that. Teachers are much more inclined to give you a better grade if they think you're on their side. Trust me—I know this from experience.

Channel One News today was a rerun from yesterday, but nobody noticed because they were playing cards or talking. I started reading my book right away, but I would have rather watched Family Feud with Richard Karn, the guy who played Al on Home Improvement, but I'm sure that Ms. Carey wouldn't have changed the channel. She was eager to teach!

Dad had to return Kirby Air Ride today. I think it's on my Christmas list. Yesterday, my neighbors came over and we played it multiplayer, and they liked it. So now that I know that people will play that game with me, I think I want it.

Dad rubbed catnip into the carpet in the hallway. The cats loved it. They both lay in the hallway, sniffing and eating it, then they started rolling in it, like how rich people roll in their money. It was cute because they would each seem to take turns rolling, then they would both roll at the same time. It's fun watching a fat cat roll over.

Littering in the School

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We ate lunch inside on the bench in the stairs again today, even though we aren't supposed to. After lunch, everyone left, except for Paul, Emily, Katie K., and me. As we were leaving, I noticed that Paul left his tray on a stair. I said, "Paul, you shouldn't leave that there. Somebody could step on it and fall down the stairs!" He didn't care. He just said, "Fine, I'll put it where somebody won't step on it." So he put it on the bench. I said, "Somebody might sit on it and get food on their butt!" So he stuck it in the crack between the bench and the wall. Katie, Emily, and I were about to go downstairs just then. I was tired of this silly charade. Just then, Principal Hoffman was walking up the stairs. He pointed at Paul and asked, "Why did you do that?" He started talking to Paul about littering in the school, and that he shouldn't be eating in that building, and other stuff. I'm glad we were already walking away.