Seahawks Game Sucked

Sunday, November 30, 2003 at 5:09 PM | Filed under

We got back from the Seahawks game. The seats were terrible. We couldn't have gone any higher in the stadium. Our seats were in the last row! Not only did the players look like tiny specks, but we had to walk up a hundred stairs to get to our seats. There was also a breeze blowing through the stadium. It was cold.

We couldn't find any nachos. We looked halfway around the stadium, but we couldn't find a stand with nachos, so I ate popcorn instead. Afterwards, Dad told me that the places with the nachos are on the bottom concourse, and to get there, we'd have to walk down a long system of ramps.

We're having steak for dinner!

The Christmas Tree Is Up!

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I won! We put up the big tree! Mom didn't really want it up, but I said she wouldn't have to do any of the work. So I had to put it together and string the lights on by myself, but it was worth it. We also ended up rearranging the whole living room. Luckily for me, Clean Sweep was on TLC, so I could pick what ornaments would go on the tree, and Mom was too distracted watching TV to tell me what ornaments she didn't want on the tree. However, I couldn't find the angel or the tree skirt in the boxes. It's really pretty. I took plenty of pictures. If you're a member of KPA, you can see them here. If you're not a member, it's because you aren't a relative of mine. Oh well. Nothing you can do about that. Except marry one of my relatives...

Tomorrow, we're going to a Seahawks game. Mom always buys me tickets to events I know I won't like. It's the same with the Aerosmith concert last year. I didn't want to go. Overall, I didn't enjoy the concert very much. We parked a long way from the stadium. It was loud, too. Even though I had earplugs, I still had a headache. The worst thing that Kid Rock was opening for Aerosmith. No, I didn't enjoy that very much.

I hope I'll have fun at the Seahawks game. Mom promised me nachos. I really don't care to go. Dad said that it would be faster to get to our seats by helicopter than by escalator, so I'm assuming we have bad seats.

Recently, Stephanie's been bugging me. She's been contradicting herself all the time. She'll say something like, "I want to play the game with you, but I don't really want to," or something like, "I'm really energetic, but tired." It's really disturbing me. It seems like she can't make up her mind.

I'm starting to get tired. Decorating a tree and rearranging the furniture in one night can be exhausting. Phew. Dad promised me that he would find the angel and the tree skirt tomorrow morning before the game. I think we are leaving at 10:00. I'd better get to bed soon, then.

Christmas Tree Dilemma

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When Mom and Stephanie get back from shopping, we're going to discuss the Christmas decorations. I want a big, festive tree like we always do, with big ornaments, lights, an angel on top, and maybe some tinsel this time, but Mom wants to get rid of our traditional decorations and use only a stupid little tree. We wouldn't be able to put big ornaments on it, just those pathetic tiny ones. A string of lights would be too big, and the beautiful angel she bought last year at JCPenney (I think) would not fit on the small tree.

Of course, the reason she wants to use a little tree is because the big one would block the view of the television from the treadmill. With a big tree, Mom wouldn't be able to watch TV. My suggestion is that she move the treadmill so the big tree can go where it's supposed to. Besides, the treadmill only makes other people in the room upset. It's loud and annoying. There's the sound of the motor, the belt rubbing against the thing below it, and the loud thumps of feet banging against it. And for some reason, the treadmill smells funny.

I Want Cookies

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I just finished eating my leftover McDonald's. I didn't finish it yesterday, so I saved it for later, and now I'm done eating it. I'm still quite not full yet. I wonder if I should eat something else. There's a cookie commercial on the TV right now. Mmmm... I like Chips Ahoy, but we don't have any. And there's a saying that goes, "You cannot eat what you do not have." Therefore, I cannot eat them. I can, however, drink a lot of Sprite. We have a lot of Sprite.

I moved the candy machine right next to the computer desk. It was too hard to reach the candy machine in the corner where it used to be, so I decided to move it to an area with more traffic. Besides, now I can eat M&M's while I type on this stupid blog.

I'm renting Kirby Air Ride again. I'm still not sure if I want to buy it or receive it as a Christmas present. If Kevin wasn't in Bellingham, I would invite him over to play it. The thing I like about renting a game on a disc format is that it saves the data to your own memory card, so when you return the game, you still have the saved data. When you return a game on a cartridge, you return the saved data with it, and that's no fun.